• Numana – Necropoli “Quagliotti-Davanzali”
  • Numana
  • Numana
  • Italy
  • The Marches
  • Provincia di Ancona
  • Numana


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  • 900 BC - 100 BC


    • Numana was one of the most important centres of the Picenan civilisation that flourished in the Marche and Abruzzo during the Iron Age. It was also the most important emporium of the mid-Adriatic, particularly during the 6th-4th centuries B.C. The research on Numana is patchy, in fact, the published materials are limited to single burials or finds, and general studies of the territory are absent. This state of research has led to the creation of a project, begun in 2015, on one of the largest necropolises of Numana. The project proposes considering burials as structured systems able to offer information regarding the cultural transformations and social organisation of the ancient community. Alongside the systematic analysis of the large amount of data relating to the cemetery and grave goods from single burials, organised in a specific GIS, the research has also undertaken a study of the components (necropolis and settlement) and diachronic development of the ancient landscape, thanks to the results of other recent analyses carried out in the territory of Numana.


    • Vincenzo Baldoni - Università di Bologna, Gianfranco Paci, Stefano Finocchi - Soprintendenza Sabap Marche. 2019. Nuovi documenti per la storia di Numana in età ellenistica. FOLD&R Italy: 447.


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