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  • Pautalia
  • Kyustendil
  • Pautalia, Velbazhd
  • Bulgaria
  • Kyustendil
  • Kyustendil



  • The Bulgarian Database is the result of a collaboration between:

    the Department of Archaeology, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski and

    AIAC (Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica).

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    • EXPLORATIONS IN KYUSTENDIL (Rumen Spasov –, Doichin Grozdanov, Rosita Stoyanova) The exploration of a mediaeval cemetery in Hisarlaka was carried out. Seventeen graves were excavated. Grave goods were found in three graves and include t... Read More
    • EXPLORATIONS IN PAUTALIAVELBAZHDKYUSTENDIL (Rumen Spasov –, Doichin Grozdanov, Veselina Vandova, Galina Grozdanova, Rosita Stoyanova) The site is located in the northeastern part of Pautalia. An area of 320 sq. m was explored. The... Read More
    • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATIONS IN KYUSTENDIL (Rumen Spasov –, Vesselina Vandova) The excavated site was situated in the northeastern quarter of the fortified territory of ancient Pautalia and covered an area of 400 sq. m. Strata, buildings ... Read More
    • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS IN PAUTALIAVELBAZHDKYUSTENDIL (Rumen Spasov – An area of 350 sq. m was explored. The occupation strata are 3.50 – 3.90 m in thickness. The excavated strata and structures date to the Revival period of ... Read More
    • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS IN PAUTALIAVELBAZHDKYUSTENDIL (Doichin Grozdanov –, Galina Grozdanova) The site covered an area of 100 sq. m situated in the northeastern part of the fortified area of Pautalia. Its western half was explo... Read More
  • 8300 BC
  • 6200 BC
  • 4900 BC
  • 4200 BC
  • 4000 BC
  • 150 AD
  • 580 AD
  • 800 AD
  • 1220 AD
  • 1700 AD
  • 1900 AD
  • 2000 AD


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