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Archaeological Survey

  • Italy
  • Emilia-Romagna
  • Province of Parma
  • Corniglio


  • The core of Inter Amnes project is the analysis of the population in the Apennine area, between Val d'Enza and Val Baganza (Emilia-Romagna PR) through 5 extensive surveys (2016-2021) dedicated to surface research, ancient routes survey and the archaeology of architecture. The project covers periods from Prehistory to the Middle Ages by integrating the different classes of data in a GIS base that allows easy access, comparison and post-processing needs. A specific focus is reserved for Roman settlement and its relationship with the road system drawn from classical sources. The data, still under study, is presented as a sample for sharing the methodological approach of landscape research in such a large area. ............................................................................................................................. Morigi, A., Garbasi, F., Fontana, F., Lommi, M. 2021, Inter Amnes. Archeologia di superficie nel comprensorio delle Valli di Enza, Parma, Baganza (PR). Dati preliminari del settore parmense della Val d’Enza [data-set]. Fasti Online Survey [distributor]. Permalink:

Project Dates

  • 2016 - present


    • Middle Paleolithic
    • Mesolithic
    • Neolithic
    • Eneolothic
    • Bronze age
    • Iron Age
    • Orientalizing
    • Archaic
    • Classical
    • Roman Republican
    • Roman Imperial
    • Late Antique
    • Medieval
    • Modern
  • 100500 BC
  • 80000 BC
  • 40000 BC
  • 9000 BC
  • 1527 AD
  • 2000 AD

Survey Method

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  • The landscape between the Baganza, Parma and Enza rivers (Emilian Apennines) represents a vast area, approximately 992 km2, extended from the foothills to the ridge of the Apennines. From an archaeological point of view the area does not have evidence from a previous extensive investigation. Inter Amnes aims to organize several survey campaigns (43,5% coverage till now). After an analytical area division in 94 5x5 squares, the area is covered on an extensive model in which field walkers spaced from 5 to 2 meters apart walk in parallel lines. The material scatters are mapped in the field by means of GPS positioning systems and mobile devices (i.e. tablets and apps); then they are integrated through the GIS platform to build a database that includes references to bibliographical data.

Other Comments

  • Research Director: Prof.ssa Alessia Morigi,, University of Parma, DUSIC Department. Field Directors: Dott. Francesco Garbasi,, University of Parma, DUSIC Department; Dott. Filippo Fontana,, University of Parma, DUSIC Department.
  • Inter Amnes aims to describe ancient population models in Apennines area between Baganza and Enza rivers revealing settlement patterns and their modifications during times. Surveys dedicated to ancient route system focus on chronotipological classification of material evidences.

Funding Body

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  • Fondazione Cariparma, Unione dei Comuni Appennino Parma Est

Research Institution

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  • University of Parma, DUSIC Department


  • Director
    • Alessia Morigi- Università degli Studi di Parma


    • Alessia Morigi – Francesco Garbasi – Filippo Fontana – Mariarosa Lommi. 2021. Inter Amnes. Archeologia di superficie nel comprensorio delle valli di Enza, Parma e Baganza (PR). Dati preliminari dal settore parmense della Val d’Enza. FOLD&R Archaeological Survey: 16.
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Survey Data

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