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AIAC_1001S. GilioS. Gilioview record
AIAC_1008Anishte SettlementGranichakview record
AIAC_1018NormaLatinaview record
AIAC_1027Carsulae, Area Archeologica DemanialeCarsulaeview record
AIAC_1028MezzomiglioChianciano Termeview record
AIAC_1040Cetamura del ChiantiGaiole in Chiantiview record
AIAC_1049Parco Archeologico UrbanoSanta Maria Maggioreview record
AIAC_1080Morgantina, South Baths and West Sanctuary projectMorgantinaview record
AIAC_1102S. Gaetano di VadaRosignano Marittimoview record
AIAC_1108Volubilis (Site B)Site Bview record
AIAC_1110Volubilis (Site D)Site Dview record
AIAC_121PietratondaPietratondaview record
AIAC_1656ÇifllakÇifllakview record
AIAC_1730VentaroliVentaroliview record
AIAC_1745Masseria San RoccoMondragoneview record
AIAC_1747Monte San NicolaPietravairanoview record
AIAC_1760Bath at Basilica of BallshBallshview record
AIAC_1872AtellaOrta di Atellaview record
AIAC_1881Bagni di TivoliBagni di Tivoliview record
AIAC_1883DocleaRogamiview record
AIAC_1885RirhaSidi Slimaneview record
AIAC_1886Diocletianopolis - ThermaeHisarview record
AIAC_189Alveo del CentaAlbengaview record
AIAC_1897PortoPortoview record
AIAC_1901Santa Maria Capua VetereSanta Maria Capua Vetereview record
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