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  • Funtana Coberta
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    Summary (English)

    • Until the 90s, only the votive deposit of the sanctuary of Funtana Coberta had been known, and it did not contain votive elements worthy of note. The excavations of 2003, however, have brought to light a sanctuary in which there was also a foundry for the production of ex votos. At the site were found a hoard of bronzes that was composed of different worked pieces, among which rough plates and fragments of votive swords, together with ox-hide and panel ingots. The jar containing the hoard was a globular vase with a thickened rim, datable to the Late Bronze Age. The vase was found against the back of the chamber with the well, against a structure that closet off another room which showed traces of repeated fires.

      In the area of the sanctuary were found other bronze objects among which a head of a Nuraghic warrior and the blade of a votive sword, broken and reused as a small dagger. In the excavations of 1998 another two paved areas of irregular form, placed side-by-side but each with its own wall and separated by a small canal, were brought to light at nearly 50 meters to the north east of the pit, beyond a circular hut. On the north east, above area A, a pit excavated in the rock was filled by a midden deposit that forms a homogeneous context of the Nuraghic period, datable between the Late and Final Bronze Age. This deposit has brought to light remains of food composed of sheep and goats (50%), cattle (41%), and pig (9%), prevalently adult or nearly adult; the slaughter and sectioning of the carcass were presumably carried out according to precise ritual practices that probably included votive burning.


    • Maria Rosaria Manunza - Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Sardegna


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