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  • Grotta Paglicci
  • Vallone Settepenne
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      • The excavations undertaken in 2006 concentrated on the external area, the so-called Riparo, and involved 3 zones.

        Area A may be considered a combustion zone, set within a depression. This was active in several phases (at least three) as attested by the

        ... Read More
      • The grotta Pagliacci is internationally famed for the stratigraphy of the atrium which covers the entire Upper Paleolithic (from circa 35,000 to 11,000 years ago), for the presence of the only Paleolithic rock art known to date in Italy and for the externa... Read More
      • In 2010 the work at Grotta Pagliacci was limited to the survey, cleaning and sampling of the stratigraphic sequence and of the trench inside the grotto. Furthermore, it was necessary to temporarily remove the equipment for monitoring the micro-climate in t... Read More
    • 313000 BC
    • 250000 BC
    • 125000 BC
    • 35000 BC
    • 11000 BC