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  • Taberna VI, 15
  • Ercolano
  • Herculanum
  • Italy
  • Campania
  • Naples
  • Ercolano



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Summary (English)

  • During the month of October 2002 a superficial excavation was carried out in taberna VI, 15 at Herculaneum. The shop is located in front of the Casa del Salone Nero (VI, 11, 13). This area was uncovered between the 23 and the 28th of August 1961 during the exposure of the north façade and the northwest corner of Insula VI. Our study reveals that this excavation was never completed. In effect, the excavators directed by Maiuri stopped just before reaching the pavement level, leaving between 2 and 5 cm. of material from the eruption still in place. Restoration had covered these deposits. Our objective was thus to examine the pavement so as to check whether there were any structures left in place related to the commerce carried out in the shop.

    The excavations demonstrated that the taberna had been built after one of the earthquakes (A.D. 61 or 73-75), subdividing an earlier, larger space. An access point to the rainwater cistern filled from the atrium of the house demonstrates that the taberna was the property of the owner of the Casa del Salone Nero, who had presumably rented it out. Just before the eruption the tenant appears to have changed. He carried out various works, interrupted by the catastrophe of A.D. 79, and seems to have lived above his shop. Among the materials kept on the loft and in the channel leading to the cistern we can note a fibre basket, an amphora reused for the preparation of pigments and a heap of rope



  • Magali Mingaud
  • Camille Damon
  • Nicolas Monteix - Centre C. Jullian - Université de Provence
  • Francis Chardon
  • Mauricette Deschaumes

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