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  • Peştera cu Oase de la Steierdorf - „Plopa - Ponor"
  • Steierdorf



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    Summary (English)

    • Several human bones were discovered in 2002-2003 in a new cave (Peştera cu Oase) in south-western Romania. 14C dating indicates about 35 kyr BP for the human bones. In the 2004 campaign, the project had two components: 1) to investigate the nature of the bone accumulation inside the cave ‘Peştera cu Oase’ and 2) to open a test pit at the cave ‘Peştera Hoţilor’. During the excavations no traces of human activity were observed in the cave (artifacts, charcoal, parietal art, or others). The following stratigraphy was observed: Level 1 – superficial deposit, rich in fine sediments, gritty, with some small pebbles, Level 2 – dense cailloutis of pebbles and cobbles in a coarse sandy matrix, Level 3 – clay deposit with prismatic structure, poor in pebbles. Modern human presence in the area is likely to pre-date Heinrich Event 4, and in all likelihood takes place in relation to the warm oscillations GIS10 or GIS9.



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