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  • S. Pietro di Villamagna
  • Villamagna
  • Villa Magna
  • Italy
  • Lazio
  • Rome
  • Gorga



  • The Italian Database is the result of a collaboration between:

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    AIAC (Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica).

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    • In June and early July a campaign of excavation and geophysical survey was carried out at the site of Villa Magna. In spite of the fact that the villa is mentioned in two letters from Marcus Aurelius to his tutor, Fronto (iv.5), and on a well-known inscr... Read More
    • At the Casale our 2006 interpretation of the northeastern room as a cella vinaria for the production and storage of wine during fermentation was confirmed by the investigation of all of the available area of the room. Excavations revealed a series of _do... Read More
    • Excavation continued in the three sites opened in previous years: the casale, the Church and Monastery, and Site D. At the casale, where last year the Cella/Coenatio complex in which the emperor and his guests dined, we completed the excavation of the mo... Read More
    • In the winery, excavation aimed at determining the limits of the building. To the south of the winery the search for the entrance to the imperial stair – designed to allow the emperor’s litter to be carried up to the press room – revealed a long corridor c... Read More
    • The full season, though, covered June and July, and aimed at the completion of all the catalogues.

      At Site B, where the church and monastery of S. Pietro di Villamagna has been excavated by Caroline Goodson, the Roman and Late Roman hases were revealed

      ... Read More


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