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  • Redaka 2 Cave
  • Salash
  • Bulgaria
  • Vidin
  • Belogradchik



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Summary (English)

  • REDAKA 2 CAVE (Aleta Guadelli –, Jean-Luc Guadelli, Nikolai Sirakov, Ivailo Krumov) The explorations of the Upper Paleolithic layers in Stratum 4b continued in Sectors DE/5-6. There were finds from the Middle and the Upper Paleolithic periods in the lower part of Stratum 4b: Upper Paleolithic flint plates and two Middle Paleolithic nuclei with Levallois features. The discovered bones belonged to ox (Bovinae), deer (Cervidae), including reindeer (Rangifer tarandus), hyenas (Crocuta crocuta spelaea), a fox (Vulpes vulpes) and a cave bear (Ursus spelaeus). The taphonomic study showed that a significant part (28.40%) of the bone fragments had traces indicating that they were consumed by hyenas and only 1.95% had traces from human activity. The data showed that one and the same cave was visited by hunters and hyenas at relatively short intervals in the period from 39/36 to 25 ka BP.

  • Aleta Guadelli - Archaeological Institute with Museum 
  • Nikolai Sirakov - Archaeological Institute with Museum 
  • Jean-Luc Guadelli - PACEA/IPGQ–UMR CNRS 5199, Université Bordeaux I 
  • Ivailo Krumov - Museum of History - Belogradchik 



Research Body

  • Archaeological Institute with Museum
  • Museum of History - Belogradchik
  • Université Bordeaux I

Funding Body


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