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  • Grotta di Santa Maria di Agnano
  • Ostuni
  • Santa Maria di Agnano
  • Italy
  • Apulia
  • Province of Brindisi
  • Brindisi



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    • The grotto of Santa Maria di Agnano opens on the slope of “monte” Risieddi, to the west of Ostuni, forming a large shelter under an overhang circa 10 m high. The cavity is almost horizontal as it goes back into the rock face, at between 169.50 and 173 m a.... Read More
    • The 2015 excavations in the Archaeological and Nature Park of Santa Maria di Agnano concentrated on the stratigraphic analysis of the three investigated areas.

      The first zone was an area situated close to the western rock face, continuing the trench excav

      ... Read More
    • In 2016, excavation continued in the areas investigated in 2015 with the extension of the excavation of the Hellenistic enclosure wall, exploration of the Holocene and Pleistocene layers below the western rock face of the shelter in area H-I-P-Q, continuat... Read More
    • The continuation of excavations in area HP revealed a sequence of ill-defined Epipaleolithic-Mesolithic occupations followed by periodic, but not isolated episodes, represented by cult practices associated with the arrangement of stone circles and animal b... Read More
    • This season, the excavations at Santa Maria Agnano continued in last year’s areas and two new trenches were opened. The Holocene and Pleistocene levels underlying the rock face of the shelter in area H-P were explored, as were the sectors identified as “Sc... Read More
  • 50500 BC
  • 40000 BC
  • 1700 AD
  • 2000 AD