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  • Insula IX.3 di Marco Lucrezio
  • Pompei
  • Italy
  • Campania
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  • Pompei



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Summary (English)

  • In 2005, the project’s work concentrated on the northern parts of the Casa di Marco Lucrezio. Excavations were continued in the garden and several waste pits containing mostly wall painting fragments and some pottery were discovered. The Fourth Style painting fragments found at the bottom of one of the pits next to the fountain complex date the deposit to the last phase of Pompeii and confirm the late date of the visible garden arrangement. The trench by the pappamonte wall in the southern part of the garden was extended, but only two new later waste pits were discovered.

    Buildings archaeological work was extended to the house IX 3,24 where excavations were carried out in two places in the atrium and in the area between the garden and house 24. A sequence of three plaster floors was discovered in the northern atrium and the same sequence was also found in the southern trench. The fill layers between the floors raised the general ground level ca. 50 cm possibly causing also changes in the walls, which had to be raised as well. The finds from the contents of a large waste pit – or possibly a filled cistern – in the middle of the atrium under the lowermost floor dates the beginning of the sequence only roughly to the 1st century BC. Some 3rd–4th century BC pottery was discovered in the southern trench just above a sequence of layers of volcanic ash.

  • Eeva-Maria Viitanen - University of Helsinki/Institutum Classicum 


  • Paavo Castrén - Università di Helsinki


  • Antero Tammisto
  • Gianluca De Martino
  • Heidi Happonen
  • Heini Ynnilä - University of Helsinki/Institutum Classicum
  • Kai Juntunen
  • Kirsi Murros - University of Helsinki/Institutum Classicum
  • Laura Nissinen - University of Helsinki/Institutum Classicum
  • Laura Vornanen
  • Lotta Laiho-Oliviero
  • Noora Hirvonen
  • Otso Manninen
  • Heikki Häyhä
  • Ilkka Kuivalainen - University of Helsinki/Institutum Classicum
  • Jaakko Latikka
  • Ria P. Berg - University of Helsinki/Institutum Classicum
  • Zbigniew T. Fiema
  • Jukka Alander
  • Pasi Kaarto
  • Pekka Kytölä
  • Matti Mustonen
  • Hanne Mannerheimo
  • Helena Wassholm
  • Heli Pitkänen
  • Ulla Knuutinen
  • Maija Holappa - University of Helsinki/Institutum Classicum
  • Nina Heiska

Research Body

  • EVTEK University of Applied Sciences/Institute of Art and Design
  • University of Helsinki/Institutum Classicum

Funding Body

  • Finnish Academy
  • University of Helsinki


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