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  • Vignale
  • Vignale
  • loco ubi dicitur Viniale
  • Italy
  • Tuscany
  • Province of Livorno
  • Piombino



  • The Italian Database is the result of a collaboration between:

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    AIAC (Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica).

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    • The toponym Vignale indicates a locality in the hinterland of Piombino on the southern edge of the alluvial plain of the river Cornia which in antiquity was situated on the edge of the western marshes on the Piombino plain and guaranteed links with the nea... Read More
    • The excavations were extended in the area uphill from the Provinciale 39 road bringing to light the remains of a large mansio. The complex was characterised by the reuse of earlier structures, to which others were added that were identified by the differ... Read More
    • The 2013 excavations foresaw the continuation of work inside the fenced-in area and the digging of four sondages in the immediately surrounding area aimed towards gaining a better understanding of the overall topography of the archaeological site.


      ... Read More
    • The 2014 campaign foresaw the continuation of excavations inside the fenced in area and the opening of three sondages in the surrounding areas, aimed at gaining an understanding of the site’s overall topography.

      The trench opened to the east of the fenc

      ... Read More
    • The 2015 excavations continued work inside the fenced-in area and the extension outside it, where in 2014 a large late antique mosaic was uncovered. Inside the enclosed area, the excavations were concentrated in the north-western corner, in order to invest... Read More
    • Nella campagna 2016 è proseguito lo scavo all’interno dell’area principale e sono stati condotti due saggi nell’area immediatamente adiacente verso O, in prossimità dell’ambiente mosaicato scavato nel 2014-15 e in seguito ricoperto per precauzione.


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    • Following the important finds made in 2014-2016, in particular the large room with mosaic floor, the 2017 campaign concentrated on two objectives: a substantial westward extension of the main excavation area and the opening of a new area north of the room ... Read More
    • The 2018 campaign concentrated on the area of the late antique baths, in the north-western part of the site, and on the imperial baths in the south-eastern part. In the area of the late antique baths, the excavations were extended to the north, where the l... Read More
  • 900 BC
  • 300 BC
  • 1800 AD