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  • Villa di Domiziano
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  • Italy
  • Lazio
  • Provincia di Latina
  • Sabaudia



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Summary (English)

  • Domitian’s villa on the Lago di Paola is one of the most important and little known imperial residences in Latium. The site occupies almost an entire peninsula of 46 hectares jutting into the Lago di Paola, a protected area falling within the boundaries of the Circeo National Park.

    Today, due to dumps of earth and the planting of cluster-pines in the 1940s, only three areas are visible: the central zone dedicated to the collection and distribution of water, the area of the “Exedra baths”, situated along the south-western side of the peninsula, and the area of the so-called “apsidal basin” at the north-western tip. However, interpretation of the aerial photographs indicates the area was densely occupied but this will only be verified with the extension of the excavations and completion of the surveys.

    The archaeological excavation, aimed towards the definition of the phasing and layout of the structures, is concentrating on the northern part of the peninsula, by the so-called “apsidal basin”, where the greatest concentration of occupation phases are to be found. The first excavation campaign took place in autumn 2010 with the opening of two trenches. The first was placed behind the north-eastern part of the portico bordering the late Republican fish pond, and brought to light evidence of the layout and decorative scheme of the areas overlooking the lake. The excavations in this area showed that it was an open space with a portico whose colonnaded facade overlooked the lake. It was decorated with frescoes and monochrome white floor mosaics with black borders.

    The second trench investigated a part of the villa’s par rustica, exposing a fullonica and its water supply system.

  • Diego Ronchi 


  • Alessandro M. Jaia - Sapienza Università di Roma
  • R. Righi - Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Lazio


  • S. Rasori
  • V. Petrucci
  • A. Vivaldi
  • M. Crespi

Research Body

  • "Sapienza" Università di Roma

Funding Body

  • Parco Nazionale del Circeo


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