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  • c.d. Villa degli Antonini
  • Genzano di Roma



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    Summary (English)

    • During the 2014 campaign, work continued in the amphitheatre identified in 2012. Excavations continued in Trench A and in the north and east sections of Area 1 (originally denominated area of the so-called ‘Curvilinear structure’), immediately west of the baths complex.

      A new area was opened (area 2 – Trench F), about 200 m north of these structures, in correspondence with the area now used as an archery range. A geophysical survey was carried out here in 2013. Walls were exposed in the area where the survey results showed anomalies although their interpretation remains difficult at present. A white and black mosaic with a decoration of linked circles forming hexagons, a motif identical to one present in the Hospitalia at Hadrian’s Villa, was also uncovered. These remains may belong to the residential part of the villa that has not been discovered to date. A large number of moulded and plain white marble fragments and several fresco fragments with geometric and vegetal decoration.

      Numerous other fresco fragments with floral motifs were recovered from Trench A. The material finds continue to provide a similar picture to that seen in previous years: predominance of marble fragments, both coloured and white, and glass paste tesserae; presence of epigraphic and plain tile stamps; fragments of glass mosaic; bronze and iron nails and other unidentified metal fragments.

      A geophysical survey was carried out in a field in the locality of Quarto della Mandorla, at about 200 m south of the baths. This requires further investigation.

    • Deborah Chatr Aryamontri - Montclair State University 
    • Timothy Renner - Montclair State University 



    • Carla Mattei
    • Carlo Albo
    • Michele di Filippo - Sapienza. Università di Roma, Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
    • Greg Pope
    • Flavio Cecchini
    • Siro Margottini
    • Alessandro Blanco
    • Daniele Nepi

    Research Body

    • Montclair State University – Center for Heritage and Archaeological Studies
    • Università di Roma “La Sapienza” - Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra

    Funding Body

    • AristaCare at Cedar Oaks, New Jersey
    • Montclair State University, The John J. Cali Foundation
    • Ralph J. Torraco Foundation, New Jersey


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