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  • Settore Porta Ercolano. Via dei sepolcri, bottega NE, n. 29.
  • Pompei
  • Colonia Veneria Cornelia Pompeianorum
  • Italy
  • Campania
  • Naples
  • Pompei



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    • The intervention in via dei Sepolcri 29 is the first step in a larger programme directed by Laëtitia Cavassa (Centre Jean Bérard, USR 3133, CNRS-EFR), Nicolas Laubry (Université Paris-Est Créteil/CRHEC) and Nicolas Monteix (Université de Rouen), looking at... Read More
    • The excavations in via dei Sepolcri 29 formed the second stage of the project entitled “The organization, management and transformation of a suburban zone: The area of the Porta Ercolano opf Pompeii, between funerary space and commercial space”, directed b... Read More
    • This season’s work as part of the “Organizzazione, gestione e trasformazione di una zona suburbana: il settore della Porta Ercolano di Pompei, tra spazio funerario e spazio commerciale” project concentrated on workshops 10 and 13 (previously unexcavated) a... Read More
    • Research on pottery production at Pompeii has begun as part of the Centre Jean Bérard (CNRSEFR) project on “Craft working and the economy at Pompeii”. The study was undertaken in collaboration with the Superintendency of Pompeii and financed by the Fren... Read More
  • 500 BC
  • 1 AD
  • 99 AD