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  • Casa di Sallustio, Regio VI.2.2-4
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    Summary (English)

    • In May 2010 we continued our study of the House of Sallust (VI 2, 4). The main purpose of this final campaign was to fill in any missing data and to check the preliminary written text of the work done up to this point.

      The principal research consisted in the analysis of the unedited materials in 46 crates that had been stored in the Granai of the Forum and labelled as from the excavations done by the workmen in 1969-1971 during the construction of the roof. The preliminary cleaning and examination of these materials, which included a number that did not come from this house, were done by Doctors Donnatella Frapiccini and Francesca Pambufetti.

      In the house itself further surveying was carried out in order to convert the recorded relative levels into absolute levels a.s.l., and a number of measurements were taken to check and/or correct the existing plans and sections.

      Superficial cleaning to clarify specific details was done in Rooms 18, 24, 27, and 29. In a few minor cases we also partly reinvestigated previously excavated soundings to confirm earlier information on levels.

      In sum, the written descriptive text was checked and corrected in relation to the present state of the existing structure of the house, and further measurements and photographs of details were made with a view to the publication of the whole complex.

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    • Donatella Frapiccini
    • Francesca Pambuffetti
    • Jaquelyn Clinton
    • Marco Stella

    Research Body

    • Università degli Studi di Perugia, Dipartimento di Antichità e Archeologia

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