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  • Grotta della Monaca
  • S. Agata di Esaro
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  • Italy
  • Calabria
  • Provincia di Cosenza
  • Sant'Agata di Esaro



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    • The Grotta della Monaca is a natural cavity which opens in the dolomitic limestone of the Trias. It is formed by three separate morphological macro-sectors: a large entrance corridor (3-4m high) with klastic deposits on the floor; a vast central cavern (th... Read More
    • During the 2009 field season, excavations and photographic documentation were carried out of the deepest sector of the cave (Cunicoli Terminali), where during the 2008 season a new burial area had previously been discovered. The excavations brought to ligh... Read More
    • The three research and excavation campaigns took place in the months of April-May, June and October, each lasting 10-15 days. The investigations concentrated on the underground macro-sectors in the Sala dei Pipistrelli (April-May), the Cunicoli Terminali (... Read More
  • 23000 BC
  • 18000 BC
  • 3500 BC
  • 900 AD
  • 1400 AD
  • 2000 AD