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  • The Roman Forum of Butrint
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    • The Forum in the ancient city of Butrint has never been conclusively identified, but is thought to have been in the unexcavated area that lies between the theatre and the so-called Gymnasium. During the archaeological excavations of 2004, the remains of ... Read More
    • During the season of 2005 the excavations were undertaken in front of the Tripartite Building to the east of the Theatre aiming to enlarge earlier excavations and extend the search for the Forum, which revealed itself, more than three metres down, in three... Read More
    • In the season of 2006, the excavations were focused in the area of Tripartite Building, which is part of Butrint’s Forum. This building is situated at the north end of the central square of the ancient city and dated to the 1st century AD or earlier. It w... Read More
    • During the excavation season of 2007, the southwest corner of the Forum was exposed which revealed that the pavement covered an area of 20m north-south by an estimated 45m east-west. The Forum pavements consist of fine limestone slabs surrounded by a perim... Read More
    • The Roman Forum at Butrint has been the subject of a number of separate investigations in past years, by the Institute of Archaeology, the Butrint Foundation and more recently by the University of Notre Dame. In 2011, an American-run team of international ... Read More
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