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      • EXPLORATIONS OF A THRACIAN SANCTUARY NEAR THE VILLAGE OF DOSITEEVO (Borislav Borislavov – The explorations in Sondage V, covering the highest area of the sanctuary, continued. A stone building up dated to the Late Iron Age (5th – ... Read More
      • EXPLORATIONS OF THE THRACIAN SANCTUARY ‘SEMERCHETO’ NEAR THE VILLAGE OF DOSITEEVO (Borislav Borislavov – A natural rock niche with trapezoid form was explored. It was barred by a stone block, which fell and covered a layer of the ... Read More
      • THE THRACIAN SANCTUARY AT SEMERCHETO (Borislav Borislavov – The explorations of the southeastern slope and the ritual platform with six layers of the Late Bronze Age (1600 – 1100 BC) and two layers of the transition period to the ... Read More
      • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS NEAR THE VILLAGE OF DOSITEEVO (Borislav Borislavov – Clandestine digs were documented on the site. The most serious damage occurred on the southeastern slope. In 2005 – 2006, four ritual pits from the e... Read More
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