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  • Pliska - Outer Town Earth Fortification
  • Pliska
  • Pliska
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  • Pliska



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    • THE LARGE OUTER EARTHEN FORTIFICATION OF PLISKA (Pavel Georgiev –, Radoslav Vasilev) The explorations aimed at clarifying the features and chronology of the “double passage” in the eastern earthen rampart of the outer fortification of Pliska... Read More
    • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS IN PLISKA (Pavel Georgiev –, Stanislav Ivanov) The explorations were carried out at the rampart and the moat of the northwestern corner of the large outer earthen fortification of Pliska. There is a mound, 1.50 m ... Read More
    • PLISKA (Pavel Georgiev –, Radoslav Vasilev, Gergana Ilieva) A sondage was carried out in the Large Outer Earth Fortification of the Outer Town. The sondage was situated across Canal II running along the southern passage of the fortification.... Read More
  • 500 AD
  • 800 AD
  • 1000 AD


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