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    • Four medieval buildings (13th-14th century) were found in the “Duomo” station at piazza Nicola Amore (also known as dei Quattro Palazzi), which was opened during the “Reclamation”. These structures show a change in use of the area, with the obliteration of... Read More
    • Finds of statues and inscriptions in the area of Corso Umberto and piazza N. Amore during levelling undertaken by the Reclamation Society had suggested the existence of prestigious public monuments. The agonistic nature of many inscriptions linked to Olymp... Read More
    • Geo-archaeological core samples revealed a submerged environment, in a narrow inlet which penetrated as far as the base of the scarp on which the Greek town walls were subsequently built. The excavation brought to light beach levels, with materials datable... Read More
    • In piazza N. Amore exploration continued of the temple and related portico which were part of the sanctuary of the Olympic-type games.

      In the southern part of the excavation a road came to light, laid in the 3rd century B.C. and continuing in use until

      ... Read More
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