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  • Abritus
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  • The Italian Database is the result of a collaboration between:

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    • ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS IN THE EASTERN NECROPOLIS OF ABRITUS (Galena Radoslavova – During the 1930s, there were 14 tumuli in the necropolis of Abritus but nowadays only three are still visible. A funerary complex was discovered during... Read More
    • THE SOUTHERN NECROPOLIS OF ABRITUS (Galena Radoslavova –, Georgi Dzanev) During the 1980s, nine tumuli were documented in the necropolis, but nowadays only one exists. There were flat graves situated to the east of the tumuli. The first ex... Read More
    • ABRITUS (Galena Radoslavova – Thirty-two inhumation burials, some of them overlapping, were explored in the southern necropolis of Abritus dated to the 3rd – 5th centuries AD. The graves were pits, a single-step pit (Grave No. 27), two-st... Read More
    • ABRITUS (Galena Radoslavova – The explorations in the southern necropolis continued. Fifteen inhumation burials were discovered over an area of 60 sq. m. The graves were rectangular pits, single-step pits and pits surrounded with stones a... Read More
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  • 250 AD
  • 500 AD


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