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      • In 2010 the apical sector of the Sala Terminale was investigated. An in-depth exploration was also made of the Saletta (the excavation area was extended by 1 m2 thus opening almost all of the Saletta area). The sectors investigated in the first excav... Read More
      • Two sectors were investigated

        The first was situated at about 26 m from the cave mouth and was characterised by a space that formed a small room and was defined as the “Saletta”. In the “Saletta”, quadrants AC28/ 3-4-4b, AB28/4-5b, AB27/5b-6 were expl

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      • In 2017, excavations were undertaken in quadrants P5 and P6 situated at the mouth of the “Sala Terminale”, just outside the narrow “Syphon” (Fig. 1).

        The main aim of the 2018 campaign was to slightly extend the excavations towards the centre of the “Sala

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    • 78000 BC
    • 62000 BC
    • 62000 BC