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    • The archaeological investigations of 2006 undertaken in the northeastern part of the ancient city of Apollonia uncovered the remains of a portico, which due to its large size, in comparisons with the two other porticoes of the city, was named as “the large... Read More
    • During the archaeological season of 2007, several new sondages were opened in the large Hellenistic portico of the ancient city of Apollonia. Sondage 5c, initially opened during the field season of 2006, was extended toward the east of the portico. The exc... Read More
    • The excavations of 2008 focused in the full discovery of the western side, and the southwestern extreme of the large Hellenistic portico of the ancient city of Apollonia. During the excavations, a badly preserved part of the foundation wall was revealed, a... Read More
    • The excavations of the large Hellenistic portico continued even during the field season of 2011. In sector 15, at the northern side of the portico, the excavations identified traces of a rectangular structure, which was perhaps an auxiliary annex of the mo... Read More
  • 800 BC
  • 250 BC
  • 50 AD