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  • Gradishte
  • Knezhje, Sveti Nikole
  • Bylazora
  • North Macedonia
  • Sveti Nikole



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    • The archaeological site Gradište is located 500 metres to the east of the village of Knežje, in the vicinity if the town Sveti Nikole. After a survey in 1976, Ivan Mikulčić suggested that this is the location of the largest Paionian city Bylazora. Sporadic... Read More
    • The paved ramp discovered in 2008 was followed to the south and uphill on the acropolis. The ramp appears to be part of a propylon, leading to a pebbled roadway which continues further up the acropolis hill. A number of well-preserved buildings with unknow... Read More
    • In 2008 and 2009 a triglyph and metope were discovered as spolia in the Second Tower and in a First Squatter Period building, indicating that a temple (most likely) had fallen into ruins somewhere on the acropolis and its stones were reused. This opened th... Read More
    • In 2010, a pile of stones from a Doric order building were discovered in Sector 6, which can be dated roughly to the 4th-3rd century BC. The first possibility was that stones might be from a temple, but research indicated that they probably came from a sto... Read More
    • The idea that the two massive walls uncovered in 2011 belong to a stoa was negated by the angle of their intersection which is 105°. The wall L24.53 originates at the western gate of the city wall, then joins with L23.52 at the 105° angle, which continue o... Read More
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