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  • The Italian Database is the result of a collaboration between:

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    AIAC (Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica).

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    • Investigations, comprising excavation and geophysical survey, have been conducted on the north-eastern corner of the Palatine in an area delimited to the north by the present Via Sacra, to the east by Piazza del Colosseo and to the west by the substructure... Read More
    • Investigations on the north-eastern corner of the Palatine, between the present via Sacra, the Piazza del Colosseo, “Vigna B” and the “Baths of Heliogabalus”, envisage excavations and surveys (geo-electric and geo-radar).

      To date the evidence from the t

      ... Read More
    • In 2006 in Area I (to the west) stratigraphic sequences of early to mid Republican date were investigated. These levels preceded the construction of the domus in opus reticulatum and travertine pilasters that was identified between 2002 and 2004. The r... Read More
    • Areas I-III

      In 2007 excavation of area III (south-east of the site) were suspended. In Area I (to the west) the excavation of the scant stratigraphy below the mid-Republican road levels in the Valley-Forum road, datable to the 5th century B.C., were d

      ... Read More
    • Areas I-III

      In 2008 work continued on the investigation of the complex drainage system of Imperial date (1st-4th century) in the central sector of Area II (eastern zone of the site). Two other stretches of conduit were identified, one of which was ve

      ... Read More
    • Area II

      In the northern sector of Area II the excavation investigated the earth dumps relating to structural interventions (the ramp in cappellaccio slabs and the two bothroi situated at the eastern and western extremities of the ramp) identified in

      ... Read More
    • Area II

      In the northern sector of Area II of the excavation investigations looked at the part of the sanctuary on the Velian hill which lies within the excavation area (see 2007-2009). The fill of the eastern bothros, a parallelepiped comprising eig

      ... Read More
    • The fill from the large, 17th century ditch was completely removed. The ditch cut the semi-interred rooms of the Neronian complex abutting the north-eastern slope of the Palatine. The excavation of this stratigraphy documented the late antique (abandonment... Read More
    • Area II The investigations in Area II, which completely occupied, from the late Neronian period onward, by a terrace on two levels, excavated stratigraphy dating to between the Hadrianic and modern periods. The first chronological horizon produced evide... Read More
    • Area II

      Excavation within Area II investigated stratigraphy dating to between the 4th century B.C. and the modern era. The first chronological horizon showed the radical transformation of the occupation levels of the sanctuary of the Curiae Veteres.

      ... Read More
    • Area II-III The excavation revealed evidence from several chronological horizons (from the archaic to the late antique periods), of which the stratigraphy of the early and mid Republican periods produced the most materials, documentation and data. A founda... Read More
    • The excavation of Area I was completed in 2007 and Area IV in 32013/14. This season, excavations took place in Areas II and III, situated between the present via Sacra and the Piazza del Colosseo, which from the “Romulean” period have been the site of the ... Read More
    • In 2007 the excavation of Area I was completed, in 2013/14 that of Area IV, and in 2015 that of Area III. The 2016 campaign investigated Area II, where the Curiae veteres of the “Romulean” period was situated. The excavations uncovered evidence relatin... Read More
    • The 2017 campaign investigated several rooms, situated in Area II, that were part of the complex of the Curiae veteres in its Neronian phase, and, in Area IV, a room in the building with courtyard of the Severan period (“Baths of Elagobalus”). The exca... Read More
    • Two campaigns took place in 2018, the first in room 11 in Area IV and the second in Area V. The aim was to conclude the investigation of the so-called Baths of Elagabalus (Area IV) and to continue the research, begun in 2017, at the eastern foot of the nor... Read More


    • Michele Asciutti. 2015. Restauro, riqualificazione e valorizzazione di aree di scavo archeologico: Valle del Colosseo/Palatino nord-orientale . FOLD&R Italy: 2.
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