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  • Grumentum, Foro
  • Grumentum
  • Grumentum
  • Italy
  • Basilicate
  • Province of Potenza
  • Grumento Nova



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    • The portico (second half of the 1st century B.C.) of the forum at Grumentum comprises three wings which join the Capitolium to the north and the Augusteum to the south. The building has an opus reticulatum facing, finished with red-painted plaster. Several... Read More
    • Archaeological investigations were undertaken on the building situated on the north side of the forum and on the decumanus maximus. The porticus surrounds the forum on three sides: it was built in opus reticulatum during the second half of the 1st century ... Read More
    • The first excavation campaign investigated the sector denominated “Area ad Est del Tempio C” which included rooms A and D abutting the temple and respectively situated outside and inside the southern curtain wall of the forum. Further, the surfaces of room... Read More
    • During this campaign work concentrated on the forum area. A round building (diam. c.9m) was uncovered in proximity to the forum and capitolium. Standing on a podium with a flight of four steps and built in opus reticulatum this was probably a temple. The a... Read More
    • In spring 2007 prior to excavations a magnetometer survey was undertaken in the eastern area of the forum. During the summer a kiln, probably for terracottas, was uncovered just below the present ground level, along the eastern side of the back wall of the... Read More
    • Excavations inside the Porticus (room D), on the southern side of the forum and east of Temple C, uncovered the temple’s foundation off-set which developed in a very uneven way, sloping from south to north and in some places was insubstantial. The founda... Read More
    • The 2009 campaign continued research in the area adjacent to Temple C, uncovering in trench 5 (room A) and room D, inside the porticus, the levels relating to the construction of the temple building and of the forum’s back wall. In depth excavation in tr... Read More
    • The 2010 excavations uncovered the paving in the area adjacent to Temple C (room A). In room D, inside the Porticus, the floor in phase with the temple was identified, together with the remains of the building site which had cut the beaten surface situated... Read More
    • The University of Verona’s excavations in the forum of Grumentum continued in August 2011. The excavation of the room to the east of the Caesarium defined the relationships between the paving levels close to the temple itself. The construction site for t... Read More
    • The University of Verona’s excavations in the forum of Grumentum continued in August 2012. Investigations to the east of the Caesarium showed that in late antiquity almost the entire area was used for metal working activities. The evidence comprised a ... Read More
    • Gli scavi dell’Università di Verona presso il Foro di Grumentum sono proseguiti nell’agosto 2013. Un ampio saggio di scavo a S del tempio rotondo ha messo in luce due pavimenti distinti, entrambi di epoca augustea, che precedettero la costruzione del temp... Read More
    • Gli scavi dell’Università di Verona presso il Foro di Grumentum sono proseguiti nell’agosto 2014, soprattutto lavorando nell’area del portico Nord del tempio rotondo.

      Il complesso, il cui scavo è curato da Fiammetta Soriano, risulta essere stato rimaneg

      ... Read More
    • In July and August 2014, a team from the University of Edinburgh conducted excavations in an area to the southeast of the forum at Grumentum, expanding upon a provisional trench established by V. Scalfari in conjunction with the Università degli studi di V... Read More
    • Initiated in 2015, the British Archaeological Project at Grumentum oversees the excavation of a large trench in Settore S at Grumentum, a Lucano-Roman town in western Basilicata. The aims of the project are twofold: (1) to explore the growth of Grumentum’s... Read More


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