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  • Uzun Mera
  • Mustafino, Sveti Nikole
  • North Macedonia
  • Sveti Nikole



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    • The Uzun Mera site was discovered in May 2017 thanks to a survey carried out by the Goce Delchev University from Shtip, on a location earmarked for the construction of an airport. The chosen location, locally known as Uzun Mera, is a flat area in the cente... Read More
    • During the previous excavations at the Uzun Mera site the stratigraphy at the south-central area of the site was documented. The most revealing was trench 3 at the summit of a small elevation, where a layer of gravel of well rounded – some cracked – cobble... Read More
    • After two previous campaigns, when the focus was on the main terrace of the southern sector, this year the intention was to test the stratigraphy at the opposite, northern end of the site, which is the highest terrace in the large territory of the site. Tr... Read More
    • The fourth campaign at the Uzun Mera Palaeolithic site was financially and logistically affected by the pandemic conditions. The investigations were limited to one trench (trench 7) in the eastern periphery of the southern sector. The goal of trench 7 was ... Read More
    • After four years of excavations at the Uzun Mera Palaeolithic site, the stratigraphic sequences of the two main sectors and their relationship are relatively well understood. The least investigated area is the highest point at the center of the northern se... Read More
    • The final field campaign at Uzun Mera was focused on the northern periphery of the northern sector, where trench 10 was excavated. From the observations on the site so far, it is clear that the layers containing the lithic artefacts were deposited by a low... Read More
  • 313000 BC
  • 250000 BC
  • 40000 BC


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