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  • Podgrađe - Aserija
  • Podgrađe, Benkovac
  • Asseria
  • Croatia
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  • Town of Benkovac



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    • Asseria is located between Bukovica and the area of Ravni Kotari, 6 km east of Benkovci, and 1 km south of the village of Podgrađe. It was inhabited already in the pre-Roman period. In Antiquity, Asseria developed into a significant Liburnian town, which s... Read More
    • In 2001, the excavations were continued on three locations: the city wall between the “western” and “Trajan`s” gateway, north of “Trajan`s” gateway, and on the location of the gateway on the NE section of the citywall. Two burials from the second phase of ... Read More
    • This season of archaeological excavations was conducted in the section north of the western entrance to the town, at the area of the western entrance, then at the area between the Late Antique tower and “Trajan`s” gateway, and on the stretch of land betwee... Read More
    • The new campaign of archaeological excavations was concentrated on the continuation of works at the position of the western entrance to Asseria, marked by the first Late Republican tower and “Trajan`s” gateway, then around the vaulted grave, and in the eas... Read More
    • In 2004 the excavations were continued in several places. The investigations included the area of the western entrance to Asseria, from the Late Antique wall towards the propugnaculum and the forum, then the area NE of “Trajan`s” gateway, in front of the n... Read More
    • During 2005, systematic excavation of Asseria continued, focusing on the eastern part of the city, at the newly opened city gate. Excavations continued in the area of the western entrance to Asseria, i.e. to the late Roman propugnaculum, in the direction o... Read More
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