FOLD&R Archaeological Conservation Series

Editors: Stefano De Caro, Elizabeth Fentress
Executive Editor: Maria-Teresa Jaquinta
Scientific Committee: Vassillis L. Aravantinos, Mqayel Badalyan, Dina Bakhoum, Azedine Beschaouch, Mounir Bouchenaki, May Cassar, Cevat Erder, Samuel Kidiba, Daniele Malfitana, Luigi Marino, Mario Micheli, Massimo Osanna, Gaetano Palumbo, Maria Laurenzi Tabasso, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Stefania Pandozy, Gamini Wijesuriya, Christopher Young, Changfa Zhan

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Index for 2015

  • 3 - Stefano De Caro. 2015. Excavation and conservation at Pompeii: a conflicted history.. The discovery of Pompeii, even more than that of Herculaneum, presented the Neapolitan antiquarians and the Bourbon Court, already engaged in financing the first exploits in archaeology of the young Kingdom of Naples, with an entirely new set of problems, new even compared to an Italian tradition of the excavation of antiquities by now several centuries old, particularly in Rome and its neighborhood, as at Hadrian’s villa at Tivoli. There is no doubt, in the light of its history that the conservation of Pompeii is a problem of such a size and from such ancient roots as to require, beside such specific interventions, long-term structural solutions. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 2 - Michele Asciutti. 2015. Restauro, riqualificazione e valorizzazione di aree di scavo archeologico: Valle del Colosseo/Palatino nord-orientale . In the area of Rome between the Arch of Constantine and the Arch of Titus, and at the foothills of the impressive foundations of the Vigna Barberini terrace, are found the northwestern slopes of the Palatine hill, occupied by some partially unknown and exceptionally well- preserved buildings. Current investigations on this outstanding building palimpsest have enriched this urban background, already extremely rich in its memories, with new constructions and new documents from a three thousand-year history, providing elements essential to the understanding of the settlement dynamics and the development of this fundamental portion of the historical city. The discovery of these new and fragile structures led to the need for a restoration project, guided by a critcal interpretation of the current situation, focused on the conservation and enhancement of the surviving buildings, and also on the facilitation of the explanation and interpretation of such extremely stratifi ed structures, carried out with respect for the identifi ed features and the authenticity of the original materials. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet
  • 1 - Sergio Palladino, Laura Bottiglieri. 2015. Ricostruzione e restituzione tridimensionale del corridoio e del viridarium della domus dei Valerii sul Celio, dagli scavi nell’Ospedale dell’Addolorata. The walls and ceiling plasters from the Domus Valeriorum corridor on Celio hill were discovered at St. Giovanni Addolorata hospital during ar-chaeological excavations in 2005; they were partly detached and partly recovered from a collapsed state, and have been restored in the laborato-ry in the following years. Agreements between Rome Cultural Heritage Superintendence and St. Giovanni Addolorata Hospital made possible these complex operations of excavation, restoration and conservation, leading to a museum project for these extraordinary discoveries. Along with the still in progress restoration work, an in-depth study on the architecture and paintings reconstruction has been conducted. The results, here presented for the first time, permitted to make three-dimensional reconstructions of the structures, through the analysis of the still standing and collapsed walls, and the architectural volumes, considering the previous findings and the orography of the area too. The studies also focused on the reconstruction of the walls and ceiling decorations. PDFpermalinkRecord Sheet