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  • Monte Tezio
  • Monte Tezio
  • Italy
  • Umbria
  • Province of Perugia
  • Perugia



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    AIAC (Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica).

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    • Archaeological interest was stimulated by the unnatural topography of the hilltop. Enclosed within a perimeter constituted by a double concentric embankment, with a ditch in between, it formed an ellipse (axes 180 m and 160 m), at levels which gradually an... Read More
    • The 2008 excavation enlarged the investigation along the western sector of the summit, following the line of the artificial perimeter rising towards the summit, on a sight slope. Here, the terrain showed clear signs of deposits (earth, detritus, materials)... Read More
    • The 2009 campaign again looked at the western sector of the summit area of Monte Tezio, extending the excavation area. Along the south-western edge of the trench a long stretch of a sort of external facing was exposed. This had been constructed by fixing l... Read More
    • La campagna 2010 doveva interessare ancora il settore occidentale dell’area sommitale di Monte Tezio ed estendersi, poi, in più direzioni. Per restituire a un ampio tratto della recinzione perimetrale ed alle aree immediatamente contermini, a monte e a val... Read More
    • Work again concentrated on the western sector of the summit of Monte Tezio, extending the excavation area and, in particular, deepening the excavations from the previous campaigns. This led to a clearer definition of the enclosure’s perimeter, despite the ... Read More
    • The 2012 campaign, like the 2010 season, came to an enforced halt. The intention had been to investigate the western and northern sectors of the summit area of Monte Tezio, then to extend in other directions in order to improve the plans of the perimeter e... Read More
    • This excavation’s fate is clear. After the forced interruption in 2010 and 2012, the 2013 campaign suffered another stoppage at the end of the three-year concession. The excavations were intended to investigate the western and northern sectors of the summi... Read More
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