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  • The Italian Database is the result of a collaboration between:

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    AIAC (Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica).

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Summary (English)

  • In the last excavation campaign February/March 2010, we concentrated on the history of the three‚ civic buildings’ in the south of the forum. As in the last years, we opened partly old, bad documented trenches (Maiuri 1940) and partly new ones. In the apsis of the west-building we found one 5th.c. wall, similar to the constructions in the Chalcidicum of the Basilica, published by Maiuri. Behind the apsis the predecessor became visible (same size and plan) and the older private building on that spot, namely with two cisterns. In the East building an earlier private house was better documented, probably parts of his garden. The inner walls of this building where precisely documented and gave many hints on the structure of the lost marble revetment. The apsis of the building seems not belong to its first phase, differently to Hans Lauter’s opinion.

    In front of the so-called Comitium we found further tabernae, similar to those more to the south and in the front of the building of Eumachia. A very well conserved cistern proved their extension to the inner row of tufa-columns.

    In 2011 a final campaign will concentrate on finds and pottery and last descriptions of the buildings and their development.


  • Valentin Kockel - University Augsburg, Germany


  • Klaus Mueller - Universität München
  • Manuel Flecker - Universität Augsburg

Research Body

  • Universität Augsburg

Funding Body

  • Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft


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