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  • Rocca degli Alberti
  • Monterotondo Marittimo



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      • The excavation inside the Rocca degli Alberti concentrated on two areas of the complex: one inside the standing building (area 1000), the other outside the latter comprising the entire flat summit on which the fortification stands.

        In area 1000, inside

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      • Excavation inside the Rocca degli Alberti is part of the University of Siena’s long running research programme studying settlement dynamics in the territory of the Colline Metallifere (metal ore bearing hills). The programme also includes field survey, exc... Read More
      • The fifth excavation campaign on the Rocca degli Alberti concentrated on continuing the exploration of the three areas begun in 2005: inside the palace (area 1000), outside the palace to the east (area 2000) and in area 3000 which extends to the south of a... Read More


      • Jacopo Bruttini, Francesca Grassi. 2010. Monterotondo dall’insediamento altomedievale alla Rocca degli Alberti (IX-XIV secolo). FOLD&R Italy: 180.
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