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      • Investigations in the hamlet of Trebbio began in 1990, when a series of surface surveys began which revealed pottery, metal objects and faunal remains datable to between the end of the 9th and the 7th century B.C.

        In 2002 excavations began and the first

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      • The sixth excavation campaign was undertaken during July-August 2007 on the site of Trebbio (Sansepolcro-AR), under the direction of the Dept. of History “E. Lepore” of the University of Naples “Federico II” and by the Research Unit on Prehistoric Ecology,... Read More
      • Excavations recommenced in two sectors of area VI: 1) the zone of the “cobbled paving” UUSS 375 and 413 and of wall Us 400 (called NW sector); 2) the zone of the ditch US 393 and the channel US 402 (called SE sector).

        The NW sector

        An in depth expl

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      • The eighth excavation campaign on the site of Trebbio (Sansepolcro – AR) took place in July-August 2009. The investigation concentrated on the area opened and partially excavated during the previous years, denominated area VI.

        The main excavation worked

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      • During the campaign which took place in July-August 2010 work continued in area IV which had already been investigated between 2005 and 2009. Trial trenches were also dug in the locality of Olmo di Costolino. This year the excavation at Spinellina aimed to... Read More
      • During July, excavations were undertaken on the Iron Age site of Trebbio di Sansepolcro, with the aim of collecting data on the topography of the settlement’s western sector. With the help of a bulldozer, 10 areas were opened (trenches and test pits) in th... Read More
      • During the 2012 excavations at Trebbio, work was concentrated in the locality of Commenda with the aim of clarifying the characteristics and chronology of the boundary and/or channel structure identified in 2011. Two trenches were opened with a mechanical ... Read More
      • As part of the project to identify the limits of the Iron Age settlement at Trebbio, a trench was opened in the area of lot n. 142, map 62.

        The trench, 20 m long and 1.60 m wide, was placed in the southern part of the lot, starting from the border with lo

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      • Marco Benvenuti , Jacopo Crezzini, Rosy Gennusa, Cristiano Iaia, Adriana Moroni Lanfredini, Marco Pacciarelli. 2009. Ricerche multidisciplinari sull’insediamento, l’ambiente e l’economia di una comunità dell’età del Ferro nell’Italia centro-settentrionale appenninica: il caso di Trebbio (Sansepolcro – AR). FOLD&R Italy: 144.
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