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  • Crocelle, villa dei Neratii
  • Piana di Sepino
  • Villa dei Neratii



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      • In 2010 two excavation campaigns were undertaken between June and September. The villa, situated at a short distance from the archaeological site of Saepinum, is known to have been the residence of an illustrious senatorial family, the Neratii who were o... Read More
      • In 2018, excavations at the site of the “villa dei Neratii” were reopened. The archaeological area situated in the locality of Crocella is large and was previously excavated between 2004 and 2010. This season the excavations continued on from where they we... Read More
      • During this season excavations took place in two areas. In the first, sector A in Trench II, the excavation continued of Quadrants 1 and 2. Here, it was confirmed that Sector A did not belong to a closed room considered part of a bath building, but was rat... Read More
      • In 2020, no field work was undertaken due to the pandemic. The general site plan was revised. In 2021, although it still was not possible to excavate, the area was cleared of vegetation and surveyed to take measurements that will be of use when excavation ... Read More


      • Fulvia Ciliberto – Maria Notardonato. 2023. La ripresa degli scavi della villa romana in loc. Crocella (cosiddetta Villa dei Neratii) presso San Giuliano del Sannio (CB): aspetti preliminari. FOLD&R Italy: 552.
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    • 500 BC
    • 1 AD
    • 400 AD