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  • S’Elighe Entosu
  • Sos Paris de Fummosas



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      • Following research undertaken between 2006 and 2009, in 2011 excavations reopened on the necropolis of S’Elighe Entosu.

        Within the new project, the main aim was to continue excavating tomb IV, in particular the dromos and chamber b. Work was hampered by

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      • In 2016, excavations took place on tomb IV of the domus de janas necropolis. The work concentrated on the anterior section of the_ dromos_ and adjacent chamber b. In both spaces, all layers close to the walls showed substantial alteration. In chamber... Read More
      • This season, work on tomb IV in the domus de janus necropolis concentrated on the anterior part of the dromos and adjacent room b, where the excavation was completed. In both zones, all stratigraphic units next to the walls were affected by severe ... Read More


      • Maria Grazia Melis. 2011. Usini, necropoli di S’Elighe Entosu – Relazione di scavo 2011. FOLD&R Italy: 242.
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    • 5600 BC
    • 4100 BC
    • 2900 BC
    • 2100 BC
    • 2000 BC
    • 1700 BC
    • 400 AD