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  • Contrada Bregatorto
  • Zomaro
  • Italy
  • Calabria
  • Province of Reggio Calabria
  • Cittanova



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    • The site at contrada Bregatorto occupies an elongated terrace at an elevation of c. 973 m c. 0.5 km to the south of Piano Liso, a small plain on the high plateau known as the Dossone della Melìa or dorsale tabulare which separates the Jonian and Tyrhenian ... Read More
    • The presence at contrada Bregatorto on the Dorsale Tabulare (a high ridge representing a natural boundary along the western edges of the territory of Locri Epizephyrii) of a Greek fortification was first reported in 2001 by Dr. Domenico Raso, who attribute... Read More


    • Paolo Visonà. 2016. Controlling the Chora. Topographical Investigations in the Territory of Locri Epizephyrii (southeastern Calabria, Italy) in 2013-2015 . FOLD&R Italy: 351.
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    • G. M. Crothers - J.R. Jansson - J.E. Knapp - P.A.L. Crestani - P. Mazzaglia - P. Visonà edited by Paolo Visonà . 2021. University of Kentucky and Langara College archaeological investigations at località Coculédi, contrada Bregatorto, and in the hinterland of Antonimina (Reggio Calabria) in 2017-2019. FOLD&R Italy: 494.
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  • 1300 BC
  • 600 BC
  • 200 BC