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  • Villa di Tito or Terme di Tito
  • Paterno
  • Cutilia (Lacus Cutiliae)



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      • The so-called Villa di Tito/Terme di Tito is a monumental site situated above Lago di Paterno (ancient lacus Cutiliae) in the territory of Castel Sant’Angelo (RI).

        The 2018 field season (May and June), was a year of reconnaissance at the site in preparat

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      • The 2019 archaeological investigations at the so-called Villa di Tito include excavation, 3D imaging reconstruction of standing architectural remains, artefact analysis, and conservation. Our excavations this year have improved our understanding of the str... Read More
      • The most recent excavations by Saint Mary’s and McMaster universities at the so-called Villa di Tito (RI) began in 2018 and continued in 2019. After a two-year pause due to COVID, research began at the site again in 2022. The goal of excavations in 2022 wa... Read More


      • Myles McCallum - Martin Beckmann - Matthew Munro - Simone Nardelli - Greg Baker. 2020. Excavations at the so-called Villa di Tito, Castel Sant’Angelo (RI), May to June, 2019 . FOLD&R Italy: 486.
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      • Martin Beckmann - Myles McCallum - Matthew Munro - Rebecca Payne - Simone Nardelli . 2023. Excavations at the so-called Villa di Tito, Castel Sant’Angelo (RI), May to June, 2022 . FOLD&R Italy: 573.
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    • 600 BC
    • 50 BC
    • 200 AD