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  • Pulo di Molfetta
  • Molfetta



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      • The excavations begun in 1997 on the so-called “fondo Azzollini”, the plateau which touches the scarp on its southern flank, have been re-opened (trench 3) and extended to cover an area of 156sq.m. The area has been acquired from the Comune of Molfetta an... Read More
      • The dolina of Molfetta, known locally as the Pula, is situated at 2 km to the south-west of the town. Archaeological remains dating to the early and middle Neolithic periods were found in the bottom of this 30 m deep depression.

        Archive research showed

        ... Read More


      • Iole Caramuta, Maria Ella Cioce, Italo M. Muntoni, Francesca Radina. 2008. 1997-2003: indagini archeologiche al Pulo di Molfetta - Bari. FOLD&R Italy: 117.
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