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      • Despite the fact that buildings for spectacle constitute one of the most common themes in Roman architecture, nevertheless they are among the least studied in Hadrian’s Villa. Because these buildings need an exact definition, that is, typology of form and ... Read More
      • The 2004 campaign concentrated on the cavea, the perimeter of the building (the summa cavea) and the adjacent portico (_porticus ad scaenam_).

        The excavation looked at the orchestra space in the cavea, at the meeting point between the orchestra and th

        ... Read More
      • The third campaign of excavation at the Greek theatre concentrated on three areas. The first sector included the central zone of the cavea (trench 12), where the praecintio and its link to a probable vomitorium were situated. The second area coincide... Read More
      • This campaign concentrated on opening new areas and continuing those opened in previous years. At the same time, the first pollen analyses and studies of the villa’s architectural and sculptural decoration began, with the aim of reconstructing the natural ... Read More
      • The 2007 campaign mainly concentrated on two sectors where work had begun in preceding seasons: the area of the postscaenium (extension of trenches 19 and 17, trench 21 and 22) and the area of the theatre’s lateral portico (trench 20), where the historic... Read More
      • Initially, this season concentrated on three previously excavated sectors: the area of the scaena (Trench 23), the postscaenium (Trench 19, Trench 19 Sondage 1, Trench 19 Sondage 2, Trench 27) and the space on the western side of the theatre (Trench 24... Read More
      • This campaign concentrated on two areas: the pulvinar (perimeter gallery and the porticus above in the summa cavea ) and the area behind the postscaenium.

        In the area of the pulvinar (sacred couch), the aim was to investigate the ground level of

        ... Read More
      • This season saw the excavation of the stage building, perimeter gallery and the area immediately outside the building.


        Excavations in this sector aimed to clarify questions regarding the configuration and functioning of this area.

        ... Read More
      • The ninth excavation season concentrated on the west side of the stage building and the perimeter gallery in the area of the pulvinar.


        Trench 48, begun in 2010, was completed and showed the existence of a space (or

        ... Read More
      • The tenth and final excavation campaign on the Greek theatre of Hadrian’s villa centred on the west side of the stage building (trench 55) and the area immediately to its north. Trench 55 was opened in the western corner of the stage building and substant... Read More


      • Pilar León Alonso. 2004. Villa Adriana: gli edifici di spettacolo. FOLD&R Italy: 7.
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    • 400 BC
    • 117 AD
    • 138 AD


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