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  • Necropoli della Porta Mediana
  • Cuma
  • Italy
  • Campania
  • Naples
  • Giugliano in Campania



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    • Exploration of the north-eastern side of the town, outside the walls, in the area of the Liculi lagoon was carried out as part of the investigations undertaken by the Centro Jean Berard. A campaign of geo-archaeological core sampling and geo-electrical su... Read More
    • Excavations were completed on the north-eastern side of Cumae, along the edge of the ancient lagoon of Liculi. The geo-environmental investigations ascertained that the latter had fluctuated over the centuries due to alluvial deposits from the river Volt... Read More
    • Work continued in the area north-east of the central gate in the north wall to remove vegetation and survey the necropolis, discovered by De Iorio in 1882. Most of the structures were covered by thick vegetation or a deep layer of terrain and appeared dila... Read More
    • A crossroads where three roads met came to light outside the central gate in the north wall. The first went to Capua, the second went towards Sinuessa and the Appia – via Domitiana – and the third headed towards the north-east. The monumental Roman nec... Read More
    • The investigation of the two late Republican mausoleums was completed. One housed a large alabaster cinerary urn with a lid containing the cremated bones of the deceased, probably a female individual. Both inside and outside of the urn were numerous carve... Read More
    • In 2010 the Centre Jean Bérard recommenced research on the monumental Roman necropolis situated immediately outside the Porta Meridiana in the north wall of Cumae.

      During the last few years the excavations have uncovered an important cross-roads whe

      ... Read More
    • During the summer of 2011, research continued in the necropolis of the Porta Mediana, north of the town, along the road leading north from the gate.

      In zone 29, east of the road, an interesting funerary context came to light, comprising a small mausoleu

      ... Read More
    • The 2012 investigations undertaken by the Centre Jean Bérard concentrated on the sector immediately outside the Porta Mediana, along the eastern edges of the basalt-paved area. The excavation, which aimed to define the development and topography of the nec... Read More
    • During the 2013 campaign, the research undertaken by the Centre Jean Bérard concentrated in the area in front of the Porta Mediana, along the east side of the basalt-paved area and in the sector north of the latter, along the first stretch of the north-sou... Read More
    • In 2013, research continued along the eastern and western margins of the basalt-paved space in front of the Porta mediana. The area immediately north-east of the gate underwent radical restructuring during the Domitianic phase, accompanied by the obliterat... Read More
    • In 2001, the Centre Jean Bérard began a research programme to investigate the Roman necropolis at Cumae, which extended from the northern fortifications, close to the middle gate. In recent campaigns, the excavations have concentrated on the area immediate... Read More
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