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  • Panificio I 12, 1-2
  • Pompei
  • Colonia Veneria Cornelia Pompeianorum



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      • The main objective of the “Piastrina – research on bakeries in Roman Italy” project is to define, on an archaeological basis, the chronology of the transition from purely domestic to commercial bread making, following the evolution of techniques, in partic... Read More
      • The main aim of the “Pistrina – bakeries in Roman Italy” project is to define the chronology of the change from domestic bread making to commercial baking, based on the archaeological evidence regarding the technical developments, in particular that of the... Read More
      • The main objective of the “ Pistrina – ricerca sui panifici dell’Italia romana” project is to define, on the basis of the archaeological evidence, the chronology of the transition from domestic to commercial baking, following the technical developments, ... Read More
      • In this bakery, the fourth and final campaign took place in the mill-room, around the oven and in the room housing the mixing/kneading machine. The elements uncovered this year have provided evidence for a far more reliable chronology, and unified the exca... Read More


      • Nicolas Monteix . 2009. Pompéi, recherches sur les boulangeries de l’Italie romaine. FOLD&R Italy: 168.
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    • 600 BC
    • 100 BC
    • 79 AD