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  • Biru 'e Concas
  • Coa sa Mandara
  • Italy
  • Sardinia
  • Province of Nuoro
  • Sorgono



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    • One of the most important Sardinian Neo-enolithic sites stands on the small hill of Biru ‘e Concas, in the locality of Coa sa Mandara, at Sorgono (Nu). This extraordinary concentration of aniconic menhirs, proto-anthropomorphic and statue-menhirs constitut... Read More
    • In 2004, excavations took place in the two areas with the greatest concentration of menhirs.

      In area 1, the monoliths were concentrated in a space of about 220 m2, positioned above the ground surface or slightly buried and lying on the ground without an

      ... Read More


    • Lidia Puddu. 2014. Il complesso megalitico di Biru 'e Concas (Sorgono NU): lo scavo del 1994. FOLD&R Italy: 310.
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  • 4900 BC
  • 3500 BC
  • 2300 BC