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  • Riparo Tagliente
  • Grezzana
  • Italy
  • Veneto
  • Provincia di Verona
  • Grezzana



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    • Only the Epigravettian levels of the deposit were investigated. Two separate areas were looked at. In the area outside the shelter the stratigraphic unit which was uncovered in 2001 was removed. This was constituted by a substantial mass of stone objects... Read More
    • The pleistocene inheritance of Riparo Tagliente, identified in 1958 and the object of investigations from 1962, represents one of the main reference points for the series of the phases of the Paleolithic in north eastern Italy. The series consists of two ... Read More
    • The 2010 campaign of excavation in the rock shelter Riparo Tagliente (Stallavena di Grezzana, Verona) took place between the 10th September and 8th October. The levels from the Epigravettian (final Upper Palaeolithic) and Mousterian (Middle Palaeolithic) w... Read More
    • The campaign took place between the 12th September and 14th October. Both Epigravettian (Upper Palaeolithic) and Mousterian (Middle Palaeolithic) levels were investigated. Two areas of the Epigravettian deposit were investigated: – In the north sector (e... Read More
    • The 2012 excavation on the deposits of Riparo Tagliente (Stallavena di Grezzana, Verona) worked on both the Epigravettian (Upper Paleolithic) and Musterian (Middle Paleolithic) levels. The Epigravettian levels were investigated in two areas: – North sect... Read More
  • 73000 BC
  • 58000 BC
  • 28000 BC
  • 14300 BC
  • 11000 BC