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    • 100 BC - 500 AD


      • The road station of Baccano, cited in the Tabula Peutingeriana with the name ad Vacanas, and the remains of the ancient via Cassia, were discovered to the north-west of Rome during work on the SS. 2 Cassia in 1979. Between 1980 and 1994 a series of excavations unearthed a large part of the consular road and its associated buildings, among them _tabernae_, bath buildings, warehouses, and places of shelter for animals and people. As part of the project of analysis of the urban center, road stations and ports of the middle and lower Tiber valley, the _mansio_ of Baccano became the object of new research. Both geophysical and topographical techniques were used. The integration of the two approaches yielded important results regarding the nature of the archaeological context still buried.


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