• Aşezarea fortificată de la Albeşti - La Cetate
  • Albeşti
  • Romania
  • Constanța County
  • Comuna Albeşti


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    • The excavations at Albeşti began in 1974 led to the identification of a Hellenistic settlement of the frurion type. The fortification has three construction phases. The first two date to the 4th century BC, and the third one to the 3rd century BC (after the first decades of the century). The proposed data are based on the stratigraphical situation and the datable archaeological material (coins and amphora stamps). In 2004 the researches were conducted in the extended space of the fortification to the south. We found construction traces: the south precinct, a wall parallel to the precinct, partitions and pavement remains. The pottery from the 4th century BC proves the occupation of the plateau earlier than the precincts; however, the 3rd century BC material prevails.


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