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    • 300 BC - 79 AD
    • 520 BC - 480 BC


      • Investigations in the Regio IX concentrated on the point where a small brick-built portico seemed to indicate the presence of a small cult site used as a compitum in the Roman period. However, the excavations revealed that the portico was a monumental addition to an earlier public well dating to the mid-Samnite period, probably opened at the time of the town’s eastward expansion following the construction of the Viu Mefiu mentioned in an Oscan inscription (Vetter 32). (Erik Pender)
      • Excavations of the buildings in Regio IX confirmed the 3rd century B.C. date for their earliest layout and established closer dating, late 6th-beginning of the 5th century B.C., for the stretch of wall cut by the foundations of the _opus quadratum_ façade of _domus_ IX.7. Other parts of the same wall were traced to below the house’s eastern perimeter wall: the complete excavation of the latter is planned for the 2007 campaign. (Marco Giglio)


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