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    • 1 AD - 79 AD


      • This complex is a house consisting of a small atrium and a peristyle surrounded by luxury living rooms and other domestic spaces. West of the large peristyle garden a fullonica was built, though the house did not loose its residential function. The complex was excavated in 1826, but it was never fully studied. In 2007, a fieldwork campaign of the Radboud University Nijmegen investigated large parts of the fullonica, including the discharge system and the three basins of the rinsing complex. It gave not only detailed insight into the water system of the fullonica but also allowed to understand certain aspects of the unrecorded history of the building after the excavation.
      • After two successful campaigns in 2006 and 2007, the 2008 campaign constituted the third and final season of the ‘Cleaning the Laundries’ project. The general aim of the project was to come to a better understanding of the recognizable Pompeian fulling workshops by investigating the remains of work installations on or above the AD 79 floor level, which are often hidden below modern deposits, such as sand and debris. The results of the first two seasons had already confirmed that by carefully removing these modern layers and cleaning the ancient remains underneath a lot of additional information about the history and use of these workshops could be gathered and it had also become clear that such data could add significantly to our understanding of fullones and fullonicae at Pompeii. In 2006, three small _fullonicae_ were investigated in tabernae I 4, 7, VI 15, 3 and IX 6, a.1; the 2007 season focused on two large _fullonicae_ in houses VI 8, 20.21.2 and VI 14, 21.22 and another small workshop in taberna VII 2, 41. The final season in 2008 served two purposes. On the one hand, there was a number of (possible) fulling workshops left that still needed to be studied – including _tabernae_ I 10, 6, V 1 2 and VI 3, 6 and workshop VI 16, 3.4. On the other hand, as the project proceeded, new questions arose concerning some of the workshops investigated in preceding years, and it was decided that additional investigations were necessary in two of these: workshop I 4, 6 and VI 15, 3.


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