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    • 3000 BC - 1500 BC


      • Continuation of archaeological investigations in June and July 2009 aimed to complete the excavation of the area situated outside the basilica to the west (sector 9000) and the exploration of the funerary structures identified during the preceding excavation campaign. It was ascertained that the structures which emerged in correspondence with the northern and southern edges of the investigated area belonged to three mausolea, which only fell partially within the limits of the trench, standing beside the two similar structures investigated during previous campaigns and disturbed by deep robber trenches which cut into the perimeter walls down to foundation level. One of the mausolea was on the opposite alignment to the others, with the apse – the only part investigated – facing east. This suggested its entrance was aligned with the via Ardeatina. Inside the basilica (sector 10000) the removal of post-medieval occupation levels which followed the dismantling and definitive abandonment of the monument, was completed. Moreover, the extension of the eastern edge of the trench by circa 3 m brought to light the foundations of the building’s eastern perimeter wall. The 2010 campaign will concentrate investigations in the area inside the basilica (sector 10000) with the systematic excavation of the tombs below the floor.


      • R. Skeates, 2009-2010, Archaeological discoveries in the caves of Seulo, Central Sardinia, in The European Archaeologist 32: 4-5.